Destiny 2 Armor Appearance System Newly Announced By Bungie


Destiny 2 Armor Appearance System Newly Announced By Bungie.

Destiny 2 has a brand new system for allowing you to change the look of your Guardian occurring next season. It was mentioned in the Bungie blog on Thursday, and it’s already producing a lot of criticism by players.

First of all, the Destiny 2 armor appearance system is slightly complicated. You obtain Synthstrand by killing enemies. Then you bring it to Ada-1. She’ll also provide you with class-specific bounties, and then you will receive a Synthcord. And you can then turn Synthcord into Synthweave, which you can then you can finally use to change your equipment’s look.

As complicated as it is, that’s not a contentious matter. Instead, what’s got players mad is that you’ll only be capable of getting 10 Synthweave for each class for the first season with plans to increase the numbers in the future season. You can obtain more by purchasing it from the Eververse shop for 300 Silver ($3) or five of them for 1000 Silver ($10).

That implies that you’ll only be capable to ultimately transmute two entire sets (head, gloves, chest, boots, and cloak) on a class each season, or four in the second season after the system will be released. Of course, you have to pay. Yes, it’s simply cosmetic, which is nearly as distant as you can get a “pay to win” vibe. Still, we’ve moved long past the time when charging cash or at least charging too much, from player’s views just to change your character’s appearance. 

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