DC Universe Online Legion of Doom Brings Mayhem and Rewards While Seasons Greedings Returns

DC Universe Online Legion of Doom

DC Universe Online Legion of Doom Brings Mayhem and Rewards While Seasons Greedings Returns.

MMOBEEP found that the newest update for DC Universe Online includes the newest episode, Legion of Doom, including many villains trying to jeopardize the world and challenging the heroes in brand new features like a brand new duo, alert, as well as a raid in the update.

Legion of Doom plot is about Lex Luthor bringing a flock of dangerous super-villains from the DC Multiverse. Some include Ultraviolet Siniestro, Black Manta, Giganta, The Cheetah, and many more iconic villains. But innately, the DC multiverse also has people willing to fight against the new threat. So the task is to attempt to eliminate Perpetua, fight against the Legion of Doom, and preserve the Multiverse. In addition, the update also adds some open-world missions in a brand new area based in Washington DC near the Hall of Justice. 

The new raid, The Sixth Dimension, will include The Monitor and Anti-Monitor to prepare for facing Perpetua. The new Alert, The One Who Waits, will have you encounter Mister Mxyzptlk alongside Martian Manhunter. The content is available in standard and elite versions on duty to get rewards. The elite difficulty for the raid will be launched this following week.

In addition to this havoc in the brand new episode, the holiday event is also starting to close out the year with some festive quests brand new feats. Seasons Greedings is also back, and you may now retrieve stolen presents in Metropolis and Gotham City. Brand new feats with festive names like Holiday Hijinks and Jolly Justice. Daily quests for both heroes and villains will earn you some tradable holly leaves. All this will allow you to get a brand new style and fashion items, including some decorations for your base.

For more info on the brand new update, alongside the full patch notes, take a look at the official announcement at DC Universe Online.

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