Dauntless Latest Update Introduces New Fixes and Bonuses While Preparing For October Dark Harvest


Dauntless Latest Update Introduces New Fixes and Bonuses While Preparing For October Dark Harvest.

MMOBEEP found that the newest Dauntless update has been released, and it brings some brand new balance and quality of life modifications while prepping the stage for the following few events that start tomorrow.

The update adds a brand new dominion dye rumor, which you can obtain by sufficing some secret conditions while battling a Dreadfrost Boreus. You’ll then get the rumor clue to drop and then have to speak to Gregario to begin the questline.

On October 1st, the Dark Harvest will be released, and there will be brand new content and some findings to be done in Ramsgate beginning on that date. The actual Dark Harvest event won’t begin till October 21st, but the Hidden cult will be arriving a bit early. So get ready for the year’s spooky month once October comes. 

The other adjustments comprise of:

  • Placing lava flows in the Blazeworks furnace for the Phalanx event.
  • Decreasing the cooldown on Phalanx weapons.
  • Two crash bugs have also been fixed.
  • Fixing bugs and UI changes.

Along with the update, some additional events will also start. Beginning tomorrow, September 24th, and till October 1st, there’s a coin flip bonus, with every flip granting you an hour of Escalation bonus.

Additionally, there are about three weeks of bounty events, Ramstravaganza weekends. Beginning at and closing at 10 AM Pacific on the weekends of September 24th-27th, October 1st-4th, and October 8th-11th, for each accomplished bounty, you’ll obtain 500 bonus rams.

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