Dauntless Shows A Glimpse Of The Thrax Behemoth Creation

Dauntless Shows A Glimpse Of The Thrax Behemoth Creation. 

MMOBEEP heard that It’s enormous. It’s squirmy. And It likes to Taunt you when you’re in the fight. It’s Thrax, the capstone Behemoth that was added in Dauntless’ Call of the Void update, as well as the devs at Phoenix Labs are going to show players a more detailed look at its creation.

Just like the video that provided a sneak peek at the creation of Torgadoro, this video clip uses some insight into the growth of Thrax, including some sneak peeks at the concept art that showed that it was designed to be a vast moth-like animal at some time. Additionally, as one would expect, rigging up the beast to be as squirmy and thrashy as it currently takes a lot of work.

In similar Dauntless news, the game is gradually inching towards the Clear Skies update on Thursday, July 30th, which brings a rework of the sword weapon and a brand-new collection of Hunt Pass cosmetics. The game’s roadmap has just recently been updated with a Linked Slayers system that provides friends that play with each other for seven days a free cosmetic item. A brand-new collection of story-focused missions, and the enhancement of sky fishing, which is seeing its release being delayed.

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