Dauntless Reforged Update Interesting Changes

Dauntless Reforged Update

Dauntless Reforged Update Interesting Changes And PS5 And Xbox Series X/S Release Info.

MMOBEEP found that A letter from Phoenix Labs CEO and co-founder Jesse Houston has a lot to say about Dauntless’s near future, including upcoming features for the forthcoming huge update and its launch to next-gen consoles.

In the letter, Houston states that Dauntless will be released to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S on day one and will also include cross-platform play with different platforms. The letter also talks about the upcoming December update, which is being nicknamed Dauntless Reforged. It brings with it a new Hunting Grounds hunt type with 17 remade maps and one entirely new map, map events, gliders, the Slayer’s Path, a progression system, and some adjustments for Class XP, Prestige, and gear leveling.

“Reforged is about changing the pace of Dauntless,” writes Houston. “Players will no longer focus on queuing up for one hunt at a time. In fact, Pursuits and Patrols will be removed from the game. Instead, we’re reducing downtime by introducing a longer-lasting hunt type with deeper progression systems. We’ve been calling it ‘Stay and Slay’ around the office.”

Included with the Reforged update, Houston also promises further adjustments will be addressed, such as the power creep from Escalation rewards, Enhancing the number of viable builds, and making the Trials better. These problems will be part of the dev’s goal once Reforged is released.

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