Dauntless Ramsgiving Thanksgiving Event Is Live


Dauntless Ramsgiving Thanksgiving Event Is Live.

At MMOBEEP, we feel that after defeating all of those behemoths could get boring at some point, so you may be thinking, what else to do? Celebrate Ramsgiving, of course! Luckily, Dauntless is now all prepped and ready for the annual Dauntless Ramsgiving Thanksgiving event.

Which has been launched on November 25th. Whether you focus on cosmetics, farming up bounty tokens, or earning golden rams, there is something for everyone in this new event. Honest merchant Ozz returns to Ramsgate, complete with many items from Ramsgivings past and some new things for hunters to don.

Make sure to take part in your everyday coin flips and reoccurring bounties to obtain golden rams and bounty tokens so you’ll be able to snag up all of Ozz’s wares. These wares introduce a few limited-time items, including the Li’l Big Ram transmutation and Benson’s Beacon sparkler.

But you might want to get on ASAP because Ramsgiving will only be live for a week, and the entire event stops on December 3rd, so make sure you redeem your bounty tokens and golden rams by then.

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