Dauntless Infinite Radiance Season Splits Time For The Players


Dauntless Infinite Radiance Season Splits Time For The Players. 

MMOBEEP found out that Dauntless’s 1.6.0 update was recently released, indicating the Infinite Radiance season’s beginning. This is a bizarre season; during its duration, players will travel between two different timelines. Each timeline contains new content in the style of Hunting Ground challenges, and seasonal talent tree unlocks.

The brand new Dauntless Infinite Radiance season also indicates a brand new hunt pass, and the brand new Time Strike hunt pass stars a new level 50 armor set and bonus armor skins that can be combined.

The update also improves trials and the leader boards. For one thing, solo leaderboards are managed by weapon type determining the total number of trials goals accomplished. And, of course, there are lots of balance changes and bug fixes. Amongst these are the Wound and War Pike revamps.

This update was just the opening of the 1.6 content players can anticipate over the next two months. To see what else Phoenix Labs has prepared, get a sneak peek of the roadmap down below.

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