Crowfall Will Be Launching Officially On July 6th


Crowfall Will Be Launching Officially On July 6th.

MMOBEEP found out that Crowfall, the long-awaited PvP MMO, will finally be going live, arriving on July 6th. The forthcoming MMO commemorated the statement with a brand new animatic video about the first-ever story in Crowfall: Eternal Heroes, Dying Worlds.

The imminent MMO brings some brand new features to the mix, such as letting players move unobstructedly within servers and worlds, with everyone contributing what ArtCraft Entertainment pronounces as a “unique experience.”

From the press release:

“An innovative new approach to MMO design, Crowfall breaks from the tradition of locking characters into a static, never-changing “realm” or “server,” allowing players to move freely between worlds, with each world offering a unique experience—different maps, different politics, and different rules. These diverse worlds include The Dregs (massive Throne War campaign with forts, keeps, and castles that support 100v100 sieges), God’s Reach (perpetual 3-faction battleground servers), the HungerDome™ (a 12 team, 60 player battle arena), and the Eternal Kingdoms (player-built worlds that offer guilds and monarchs the ability to terraform the terrain and construct spawning cities and massive strongholds).

Across all of the worlds in Crowfall, one key factor differentiates Crowfall: player agency. Crowfall is a dynamic universe where players control the game’s direction: cities will rise, castles will fall. Recruit an army and lay siege to your enemies. Hire an assassin to turn the tide of a campaign. Form a band of mercenaries to raid your neighbor’s stronghold. The fate of the Dying Worlds will be determined by player decisions, choices that will reshape the battle and change the shape of this world, forever.”

Formerly intended to launch much sooner, Crowfall will release on July 6th despite several delays. Players will soon participate in the MMO, as the devs are hosting a beta analysis heading up to the release date. You can currently volunteer for the beta and make an account on the Crowfall website. The beta itself will be live until June 23rd. You can take a look at the newest vid in the embed below.

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