Crowfall Will Add Smaller-Scale PvP Options And Fast Track New Player Experience In Update 7.300


Crowfall Will Add Smaller-Scale PvP Options And Fast Track New Player Experience In Update 7.300.

MMOBEEP found that Crowfall’s newest founder’s Update. Executive Producer Garden Walton has decided to share what we can expect with update 7.300, which was in development for two months. This Update will change PvP, add alternatives to the Brand New Player Experience, and enhance maps and bonuses.

This Update includes smaller-scale PVP alternatives. Large-Scale sieges are a big part of the game, but it requires large guilds and alliances to happen. With several complaints about the number of players in servers, slowdowns, and time zone discrepancies, large-scale groups can be much harder to set up most of the time. So ArtCraft decided to include adventure zones with about 50 to 25 person boundaries and Keep zones restricted to about 100 players to open up more opportunities. They’re also tweaking forts to become an HQ for smaller alliances. 

All that sport means prizes, and there are some brand new prize systems for these brand new Gamemodes to freshen the pot and get people to participate.

They have also renewed the map and chat as well as added brand new options. They’re also giving attention to the brand new player experience by keeping up to date with the NPE and including a brand new “fast pass” NPE with preset archetypes for people who want to rush into the action immediately.

The Update is currently live on the test server to gather player responses and arrive in the live server on Nov 8, and if you test Update for about four hours, you’ll be compensated with a brand new cosmetic called the midnight tankard belt. 

For more details on the brand new Update, you can look at Crowfall’s official website post.

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