Crowfall Update 7.200.0 Goes Live After The Delay,Starting The Month Long Dregs Gatinyja Campaign

Crowfall Dregs Gatinyja

Crowfall Update 7.200.0 Goes Live After The Delay,Starting The Month Long Dregs Gatinyja Campaign.

MMOBEEP found out that ArtCraft Entertainment, the team behind CrowFall, initially planned to release the latest update, 7.200.0, on Monday, October 4th. Still, because of delays regarding ‘technical difficulties’ and bugs, the update was released on October 7th. Unfortunately, the delay also caused their newest campaign to launch on October 8th.

Crowfall was released on July 6th after a lengthy testing phase, where the community had contributed a fair bit in the development of the game throughout the games’ early access. Even with statements of layoffs, which are often standard after launch, the team at ArtCraft has worked a lot on making sure the game is enjoyable, as seen with the patch notes for their newest 7.200.0 update.

With the brand new update, players have more freedom to make their character as of the brand new player experience. You can decide between creating your character or picking a prefab Archetype that begins at level 25. The archetypes you can choose from are:

  • Stoneborn Knight
  • Human Cleric
  • Fae Assassin
  • Elken Templar
  • Nethari Confessor
  • Half-Giant Champion

Players can still create a level 1 character even if it’s custom-made, but item and XP bonuses have been changed, and the questing system has been revamped so that brand new players can reach end game content more easily.

There were many other changes in 7.200.0, comprising changes to performance, the campaign, crafting, the UI, and class balance. For everything added in this new update in full detail, check out the embed-up above.

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