Crowfall roadmap explained in the latest Q&A video


Crowfall roadmap explained in the latest Q&A.

MMOBEEP found out that the June ACE Q&A video from Crowfall was recently live, and it talked about the MMO’s upcoming release. The two lead devs took some moments to remark on the progress they made while working on the game.

The first part of the video was essentially a retrospective. Both Coleman and Blair discussed their previous experiences and how Crowfall has developed through its several stages of improvement. They also played the game’s introductory animatic, unveiled some of the collector’s edition goodies, and conveyed the timeline leading into launch.

The video also revealed the Crowfall roadmap of the first updates coming to the game after release at one point, with a list of mechanics that will either arrive at launch, coming quickly after launch, or being added in future updates.

Future update plans include Discipline updates that center on improvement and soul binding, a perpetual GvG ruleset, a handshake scheme for sieges, and modifications to how alliance scoring operates.

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