Crowfall Playtest Period For Non-Backers Has Extended

Crowfall Playtest Period For Non-Backers Has Extended. 

MMOBEEP heard that Crowfall’s playtest has been extended for any beta non-backers due to the comments from the Community.

Non-backers, in this instance, mean any players who have registered but haven’t acquired a Backer pack. We will be able to play for more 30-days from the date you obtained your beta invite. The Crowfall team points out a few other feedbacks due to the reason for this update. They additionally discussed Backers as well as future playtests,

“Additionally, Beta groups will be invited back during later testing phases as we continue to iterate the game. Backers (a Backer is someone who has purchased a Pack from the Store and can play all phases of Beta and the game forever): Backers continue to have unlimited access to play Crowfall through all phases of Beta and the Launch of the game. “

Please take note that there isn’t an exact date when these invites to the next playtest so keep a lookout when they give the invites.

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