Crowfall Decapathon Event Is Live

Crowfall Decapathon Event Is Live

MMOBEEP found out that the Crowfall Decapathon Event Is Live. It started on December 23 and will last till January 5.

In this event, you’ll see guilds fighting for their god factions as they sacrifice skulls and earn glory. The winners will get rewarded with faction-specific Skull Belt Totems, also including a particular bonus stat. This event will be ending on Tuesday, January 5 at 10 PM CDT / Wednesday, January 6 at 5 AM CET.

more details on the skulls:

  • Scorched SUNFIRE Skull – Get the Sunfire Skull and obtain a +2% Increase to Critical Hit Chance and a +2% Critical Healing Chance.
  • Decayed EARTHVEIN Skull – Gain the Earthvein Skull to reach a +5% Increase to your Mounted Movement Speed.
  • Corrupted MOONSTONE Skull – Get the Moonstone Skull to obtain a +3% Increase to your Bleed Damage.

If you can get on the Yuletyden Campaign leaderboard, you’ll be eligible to fight people to receive your reward. You will have to kill an enemy or be killed by one. You can review out further aspects of the event here.

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