Crowfall buy-to-play price has been lowered while new details about its optional VIP sub have been released


Crowfall buy-to-play price has been lowered while new details about its optional VIP sub have been released.

MMOBEEP found out that ahead of Crowfall’s release this July, ArtCraft declared a decrease in its price and shared its whole subscription plan. 

“Crowfall is unveiling its innovative VIP membership and lowering the price on the cost of the base game from $49.99 to USD 39.99,” the studio stated.

Distinctly, the subscription “VIP program” gives more item room in the personal vault and campaign bank room, extended passage to Eternal Kingdoms, and several accommodation choices that improve the gameplay along with different quality-of-life perks.

The statistics on the VIP member page indulges in mount decay, and extensive free respecs, which ArtCraft remarks “a critical profit” to players. But, of course, the studio is also thinking of putting them in the game for gold.

The subscription is simple, beginning at $14.99 each month, though you may get it below $12 if you pay for a year ahead of time, with a few tiers in between. The sub incorporates a cash-shop stipend too.

“Feature options for the Crowfall VIP membership range from one month to 12-month plans. The 12-month membership plan includes a grant of 18,000 Crowns, offering the highest value at a 22% discount off the standard monthly rate. All plans include monthly grants of in-game bonus currency (Crowns) and an exclusive monthly item reward. The service officially launches on July 6, 2021, with the official launch of the game. Players who activate the VIP membership program in July (by July 31, 2021, at 11:59 CDT), or Backers who have already purchased the VIP service, will receive the exclusive Gryphon Mount – the July VIP membership reward! Additionally, in appreciation of our community of Backers, starting today, all Crowfall game access (bundle) packs now include one free month of the VIP membership. Best of all, Backers who have already purchased a pack (as of June 8, 2021) will all be receiving one additional month of *VIP membership added to their service at launch (including Kickstarter Packs).”

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