Crowfall ACE Q&A About Domains And Interesting Update 6.3.


Crowfall ACE Q&A About Domains and And Interesting Update 6.3. 

MMOBEEP found out that Crowfall’s Devs took a moment and did a Q&A this November.

ArtCraft’s Thomas Blair and J. Todd Coleman at down to discuss all of the significant movements of the PvP MMO in the Q&A that took place somewhere in November. They discussed Crowfall ACE Domains and a brand new feature of character customization that allows even more player customization while making/changing a build.

What’s most anticipated is that Crowfall is starting to become more completed and has more features as it goes through its beta phase. The team have also said this in a recent interview,

“What this milestone does is create a system that allows for a deeper level of exploration and discovery to ensure you find that build that you want to create” the studio said.

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