Crossout Guiding Star Update Brings The War Against The Ravagers


Crossout Guiding Star Update Brings The War Against The Ravagers.

MMOBEEP found out that there’s a brand new update for Crossout called Guiding Star, which adds a brand new season, new content, and a brand new battle pass. This brand new update puts players in a war with the Ravagers. The season and pass will last until September 12 and include 75 unique awards for paid and free players.

Some of those bonuses are geared toward employing a “direct assault” strategy. The “Aggressor” cabin provides a damage bonus for driving in a straight line, and the “Gremlin” shotgun does additional harm after you crash with another vehicle. 

There’s a brand new PvE brawl lasting until July 8 named Operation Gozu, and it places players facing a Ravager base with multiple objectives, which are just destroying stuff. The operation arises with the option to use stealth, letting you bypass most encounters, not to suggest saving time and hp for your vehicles if you’re sneaky enough.

The Ship Graveyard map has experienced some notable graphical changes, which will be nice to see with enhanced lighting on the map. That map, adjacent to the Factory and Engineers and Assault Forces garages, also now has less vegetation, so the weeds don’t get in the way of your camera.

More info about the newest update Crossout Guiding Star can be found on the game’s official site for your platform of choice: PCXbox, or PlayStation.

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