Conqueror Blade Dynasty Season 8 Available Now Has Been Officially Released!


Conqueror Blade Dynasty Season 8 Available Now Has Been Officially Released.

MMOBEEP has found out that the Dynasty Season 8 for Conqueror’s Blade has been officially released, adding brand new units, a brand new class, and more. 

As you play during this season, you’ll heed along with the growth of the Qian Dynasty, which is fully fictional. This advance will introduce a bunch of brand new campaigns and missions. Additionally, you’ll move to a brand new location, Longting. This fictional place was encouraged by East Asia and introduced a brand new hub city called Hao Jing.

Conqueror Blade Dynasty Season 8 will also add brand new weapons like the Pike. Defined as a thrusting weapon, utilize the Pike for when you need some range between your opponent. Besides the Pike, Season 8 will add three brand new seasonal units. These comprise of Cudgel Monks, Greyhair Garrison, and Madao Battalion.

You’ll also be capable of buying the Season 8 battle pass if you want. The pass itself includes about 100 levels of several premium rewards. You’ll be capable of obtaining these rewards by playing.

Conqueror’s Blade has gotten multiple updates during this year, comprising of the viking-themed Wolves of Ragnarök, in addition to many events back in January.

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