Champion Online The Midnight Depths Is Coming

Champion Online, The Midnight Depths, Is Coming.  

MMOBEEP heard that Some new stuff is always better than the old stuff. Therefore Champions Online players have not complained about getting brand-new story arcs over the past year. The present questline will be finished “very soon,” and also Cryptic gave a small sneak peek as to what it will contain.

“What began with rampaging Cobra Lords has turned into a massive conspiracy that only you can uncover,” the studio said. “It’s called The Midnight Depths, and in it you’ll face one of your toughest challenges yet, and meet a character from Champions lore who has yet to appear in our game. Will you be able to put a stop to the all powerful Unknowable One? Will Graknash’s schemes comes to fruition? Only you will be able to decide, when you step inside The Midnight Depths.”

Cryptic had also run a fashion show and showed off some of the most creative player-created outfits from the event :

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