CDPR Reveals Gwent Fifth Expansion

CDPR Reveals Gwent Fifth Expansion as MMOBEEP has found out. The new, free expansion is featuring more than 70 brand-new cards. It’s scheduled to be published at the end of the month (June 30). Named Master Mirror, the expansion concentrates on Gaunter O’Dimm as well as his role in the story.

The new cards are mainly faction-specific and also feature a new sort of Legendary card that progresses throughout the battle. The card’s development also includes its appearance. Also, eleven neutral cards can be utilized by all factions.

Naturally, for the players which desire a little bit more from this expansion than what included in the free version, CD Projekt Red is offering pre-order access at the price of $55 that incorporates access to the brand-new cards from the expansion when it launches in addition to a Gaunter O’Dimm leader skin as well as a Master Mirror-themed card back and title. What you obtain is determined through which pack you purchase. 

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