Camelot Unchained Movement System Will Be Completely Changed In Future Update


Camelot Unchained Movement System Will Be Completely Changed In Future Update.

MMOBEEP found out that another Camelot Unchained monthly newsletter has been published. For this month, City State Entertainment has unveiled the hard work that’s being embedded into the brand new Golden Plains biome, an

“Arthurian idyll rife with rolling hills, wildflower fields, and rocky crags of white stone.”

Accompanying this brand new area appears to be a “portal plaza,” which will help players swiftly teleport between the various zones.

The dev team also stated that it’s discarding its old movement system, which interchanged between travel and combat postures, supporting a brand new Camelot Unchained movement system that stars its movement stat tree and an adjustable stamina bar. Ingesting cooked food will help to increase endurance, and by comparison, grant players more opportunities while traveling around.

“Having both combat and physical actions and movement disassociated from one another in their stat-tree allows us a wide range of tools when it comes to designing out stats, craftable options, and overall content,”

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