Camelop Walker Pumps Lava Last Oasis Update

Camelop Walker Pumps Lava Last Oasis Update.  

MMOBEEP heard that the most recent Last Oasis Walker had been shown to the public, and it pumps lava.

The Walker is called the Camelop Walker and also is named after an extinct species of camels. You can use this Walker to pump lava and water. Keep in mind. It does not have an existing deck, so you can not spawn on it. The bright side is that it can hold a ton of fluid.

While pumping water is relatively very easy, pumping lava needs more prep. Generally, the Camelop Walker’s legs can burn. Although they burn slower, they’ll still burn, so you’ll need to watch out.

The newest update also includes a few fixes, including:

  • Fixed whole lakes being highlighted when looking.
  • Fixed some water lake visual issues.
  • Fixed not being able to build in some lava map areas.

You can watch the trailer for the Camelop Walker down below. If you want to learn more about the update, check them out on Steam here.

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