Bungie Shares Destiny 2 Buffs And Nerfs Planned To Normalize Super Regen And Additional Effects


Bungie Shares Destiny 2 Buffs And Nerfs Planned To Normalize Super Regen And Additional Effects.

As the upcoming Destiny 2 season will be arriving soon (Aug 24), the team administers more Info on what they have prepared for the game following few seasons. In the post, they concentrate on plans for fine-tuning. The stuff they’re proposing consists of buffing and weakening specific exotic armors and changing controller sensitivity.

As far as controllers go, they increase sensitivity to take input in line with keyboard and mouse settings. Some of these changes include adding a sprint turn speed scaling option, including sensitivity options and an ADS sensitivity modifier.

The majority of this week’s post centers on the gear tweaks, with the first set about Exotics that restore Super energy. Because these manage to steal the show instead of other items and are usually considered the only practical option when gearing your Character for particular content, Bungie regulates how they operate and appends a cap on the Super uptime they give. Also, to reimburse for the said changes, they’re redoing perks to improve their refund minimums.

In addition, they’re rewriting less-loved items to make them more viable. The post features modifications to specific pieces of gear separated by class. These tweaks involve adding a secondary effect based on subclass type, adding mods, and more.

The post also unveils two new weapons and a new armor set added in the upcoming Iron Banner.

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