Bungie increases its studio size while seeking to expand the Destiny IP on many fronts


Bungie increases its studio size while seeking to expand the Destiny IP on many fronts. 

Bungie, the studio that makes Destiny 2, got some changes lately, and they can be found in the recent press release. The company stated that it would be expanding its home office in Bellevue, WA, increasing the building from 84,000 square feet to 208,000 square feet by the fall of 2022.

This studio increase is being made with the goal of housing several teams as Bungie seeks to “increase the commitment to the long-term development of Destiny 2, tell new stories in the Destiny Universe, and create entirely new worlds. In to-be-announced IPs.”

Also, Bungie will be opening its first international office in Amsterdam, which will be home to its growing marketing and publishing divisions.

Regarding extending the Destiny universe, Bungie has entered several new faces to the administrative team and board of directors, including Pamela Kaufman, the president of global consumer merchandises for Viacom CBS. They are also moving director Luke Smith to supervise the expansion of the IP into different media.

The press release pledges “new stories and experiences to Destiny 2 highly engaged community.” General manager Justin Truman will also be taking over management for Destiny 2’s development.

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