Bungie Delays Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Until November 27


Bungie Delays Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Until November 27.

Bungie has recently decided to delay Destiny 2’s weekly PvP tournament Trials of Osiris until November 27. The Devs have announced a summary of why they have delayed the Destiny 2 Trials Of Osiris tournament on their help account on Twitter but were cited as “a recently discovered issue,” and no additional info.

We cannot pinpoint the exact cause due to the lack of details, but some Destiny 2 players have discovered a glitch that makes Stasis Warlocks have an infinite Super. At first glance, it works quite similarly to the Dawnblade exploit that appeared not so long ago. It allows you to extend your Super with no cooldown with the help of some buttons being pressed at the right time. 

Another reason would be the current state of Destiny’s Crucible right now. Since Beyond Light has recently been released players, have gone on Twitter and Reddit to air out some anger about how Stasis subclasses are to OP and not balanced. The most complained about is the one that that freezes you in place, which most players use a lot and is annoying to deal with.

They have also disabled a bunch of guns through the first week of Beyond Light. Witherhoard had some weird visual glitches, while The Rose hand cannon fired 150 rounds-per-minute instead of 140. Players have also managed to exploit their way to Destiny 2 Beyond Light’s soft cap in just an hour, but Bungie has already patched that one.

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