Bless Unleashed Spring Content Update Has Been Released


Bless Unleashed Spring Content Update Has Been Released. 

MMOBEEP has found out that Bless Unleashed‘s Spring 2021 update has been released, and coming with it are brand new Episode quests, brand new timed challenge modes in dungeons, and even complete the Rustus Mines Depths of Corruption Abyssal Dungeon and just in time for Spring. The brand new fishing tournament has just begun.

Quest-wise, the update proposes brand new Side Story quests affiliated with Orfina, Delila Bendelak, Krista, and Mokoro. There are also brand new Dungeon Guide quests, brand new regional quests, and 15 brand new ancient weapon quests for improving and discovering said weapons. Ancient weapons are a brand new item that was added with this brand new patch. They can be improved over time, with the weapon ultimately hitting S rank. At that point, the weapon will have to brand new effects.

The Bless Unleashed spring content update also includes a good amount of quality of life adjustments. These involve a path guiding system, store (a limited amount) of chat records, a favorite tag for the matchmaking system, and more. And, as always, there are some general reworks, bug fixes. More details on all of that can be found on the Bless Unleashed official site.

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