Bless Unleashed Secrets And Scions Update Has Been Released


Bless Unleashed Secrets And Scions Update Has Been Released.

MMOBEEP found out that the Bless Unleashed storyline proceeds with the launch of the Secrets and Scions update. The update includes brand new campaign quests that will guide players from the Ivory Dunes to Beoran. 

Along the journey, players will gather brand new allies and face off against brand new enemies, including the sinister Faceless. The update also introduces a brand new Invasion Quest where players have to overcome evil elementals, golems, and undead enemies from a dimensional rift in Beoran. 

There’s also a brand new two-player Arena Challenge and amendments to Prestige Quests which now introduce a Reputation System to make it more manageable for players to obtain Reputation with their fancied faction. The complete Secrets and Scions release notes may be located on the Bless Unleashed official site.

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