Bless Unleashed Announces Changes Coming With The Spring Update


Bless Unleashed Announces Changes Coming With The Spring Update. 

MMOBEEP has found out that players will be seeing many new changes during the Spring Update of Bless Unleashed. With the newest information added in the Spring Update notification, combat improvements are also being introduced in the changes list.

Bless Unleashed got brand new Ancient Weapons added to their game, and it also adds to the list of past updates from their announcement page. As Round 8 proceeds to flesh out the Spring Update list, we now see extensive enhancements, such as new dungeons, gear, and combat reforms. The most recent change to combat will be dodging more often in combat and a modifier that will increase attack speed!

“We’re happy to say that players will soon be able to uncover weapons with attack speed modifiers on them, which should help to boost your DPS greatly! This new modifier will allow players to increase the speed that animations play, reduce the cooldown on skills, and allow for players to move through combos faster!”

-Bless Unleashed Development Team

The attack speed increase can be seen from the potions and weapons, and it will speed up combat animations and add a substantial DPS boost as it will also decrease the cooldown on skills. New Timed Dungeons and a new Abyssal Dungeon, as said in the announcement post, so if you are looking forward to the Spring Update, you’ll want to keep an eye on the changing announcement page as more details arise.

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