Blade And Souls Update Dark Passage Events Released July 22

Blade And Souls Update  Dark Passage Events Released July 22.  

MMOBEEP heard that the Blade & Soul team had previewed the Dark Passage Events update that will be starting on July 22nd.

The Koldrak Fever event was beginning on July 22nd and going through August 19th. Note, nonetheless, that you’ll be able to get rewards from July 22nd until September 23rd.

The event is ready to play available on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, where the Koldrak’s Lair daily mission ought to have a reward for you.

This item, called a Koldrak Cache, has a chance of containing numerous things from scales, embers, garnets, and also more. If you capture enough Koldrak Embers, you will get the ability to turn them into rewards at the Dragon Express.

The Summer of Splendor event also ranges from July 22nd till August 19th, with the reward redemption duration ranging from July 22nd till September 23rd. This event is everything about making use of the rewards from this event to discover magical lamps such as Antique Lamps.

You’ll need to polish the lights by making use of Polishing Cloths to recover them. If you intend to open them, remember they’ll have a five-hour cool down when you do so,

“…the Lamps can be opened frequently each day for the duration of the event for various upgrade materials, including the event currency Wishing Charms and Scrubbing Charms. Wishing Charms and Scrubbing Charms can be spent in the Dragon Express for additional rewards of your choosing.”

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