Blade And Soul 2 New Trailer Released by NCSoft


Blade And Soul 2 New Trailer Released by NCSoft. 

MMOBEEP found out that NCSoft revealed new combat footage of its upcoming MMO, Blade & Soul 2, on its YouTube channel, giving an in-game look at the combat. The Blade And Soul 2 new trailer shows a few different combat styles, such as a high-flying gauntlet user, an outrageously nimble force caster, and the comically large great-ax being swung around with ease. 

The trailer showcases each style solo, though it ends with the various users teaming upon an enormous foe, and they proceed to bring it down with ease. Also shown are a flashy sword user and the agile bow-wielder, dealing damage at a distance. It’s a fancy over-the-top and everything we’ve come to expect from NCSoft’s MMOs. 

You may take a look full trailer in the embed above. Earlier this month, advance registrations began for Blade & Soul 2 for Korean players on both PC and Mobile, so if you’re in North America, you will have to wait a bit more before you can check out this MMO in action. They even had some mobile gameplay into the mix, which was revealed earlier this month in the MMO Google Play trailer.

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