Black Legend RPG Available on Pc And Consoles This Coming 2021

Black Legend RPG Available on Pc And Consoles This Coming 2021.  

MMOBEEP heard that If you like turn-based RPGs, Black Legend might be something worth checking out as it’s set to release on PC as well as on console the next year.

Notably, it’ll launch on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and also Nintendo switch when it involves consoles. You’ll be able to master the art of alchemy in this self-described old school strat.

You can lead a band of hirelings into the cursed city of Grant. A city shrouded in a dangerous fog that inflicts madness upon anyone in its path. Use steel, alchemy, and also close-quarter strategies to battle a harmful cult of crazies and devout followers of the terrific sorcerer Mephisto, that have taken control of the city.

Essential functions of Black Legend include strategy-focused gameplay, ranged and melee combinations, total character production, numerous brutal battles, historic adversaries with creatures from Belgian, Dutch, and German mythology like Dekkers, Halewijn, Witte Wieven, and Old Red Eyes. Besides, you’ll have the ability to discover an entire city.

You can look at the trailer for Black Legend down below:

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