Black Desert Patch Notes For The New PC and Mobile Patches


Black Desert Patch Notes For The New PC and Mobile Patches.

MMOBEEP found out that the next patches for Black Desert and Black Desert Mobile would be bringing some changes and adjustments.

On both PC and mobile, the newest Black Desert Patch Notes state that fall season servers will be shut down for next week’s maintenance to prepare for the next season. 

Players can also have a chance to get several free coupons, which were announced this coming weekend, by completing different types of Black Stones and Tuvalu Ores.

There will also be other events for the PC version. Players can fish a fish worth 500K Silver or obtain a free Arcana of Fate box that rewards Arcana Cards for the Black Spirit Adventure mini-game.

Players can also find in their mailboxes some new boxes as thanks from the Devs.

For the mobile version, the next update has once again added back the Field of Valor instance, including the Dimensional Crystals, modifications to family Prestige, and extension of the first Lighstone’s slate effects to a player’s family, between other changes.

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