Black Desert Online Valentine’s Day Event Begins And Will Run Till February 22

Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online Valentine’s Day Event Begins And Will Run Till February 22.

MMOBEEP Found out that Black Desert Online has recently started its Valentine’s Day event, allowing players to proclaim their love with various challenges until February 22nd.

The events play out three-fold: you can create chocolates to give to NPCs to improve your relationship with them, or you can also send a love letter, including Chocolate, To get rewards such as Energy Recovery or Extra Mount EXP scrolls. Lastly, a Catch a Goblin Thief event lets you capture goblins and get a “Chocolate Basket” from the goblin to gain items such as a Cron Stone x100 and more. 

Throughout the event, Black Desert players will also be capable of taking advantage of improved item drop rates, combat XP, skill XP and mount XP gain, and Till February 15th. 

The Game will also be ramping up for its Brand-new features and modifications to its large-scale Node wars, which will be the subject of a Brand-new video series on the official Black Desert YouTube channel. Curious players will be able to watch the Brand-new video series that Shows Off the Node Wars, how to partake, comprehending the Node Wars and more beginning on Friday, February 10th. Brand-New videos will be launched next week, topped with a final video on February 24th presenting the reworked Node Wars to prep players to partake in them themselves. 

Black Desert has had an enthusiastic start to the year, keeping up the releases since its momentous announcements last month at the Calpheon Ball. The Maegu has been added to Black Desert Online, while the Woosa jumped to Black Desert Mobile last month. 

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