Black Desert Online Update reworks Maegu’s Damage, Bug Fixing, as well as Start Off Some Brand-New Events

Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online Update reworks Maegu’s Damage, Bug Fixing, as well as Start Off Some Brand-New Events

MMOBEEP found out that Black Desert Online recently added some tweaks to Maegu and other classes, adds useful UI changes, fixes several issues, and starts a new round of events. 

After the previous series of significant updates, this week is more of a patch for fixes and nominal quality-of-life modifications. Multiple classes get tweaks and fixes, but Maegu gets some modifications just like her sister before her. However, when it comes to balancing for the latest Twin Class sisters, She’s eventually had a little time to soothe in and get some needed balance changes due to her distinctive style that is brand new to Black Desert.

For example, she uses an illusory duplicate to divert and confuse her enemies. However, this style does not have a back-step defense, so her skills have been modified to offset the damage dealt with, counteracting the brand-new difficulty raised by her play style.  

When it comes to PVP, especially large-scale PVP like Conquest Wars, her attack damage has been poised with a reduction due to her being a little too powerful since she heaves damage in a wide range. However, this is not the start of balance for the brand-new character because while she shines in PvP, her PVE damage stays the same. Therefore, Pearl Abyss is preparing some improvements to her skills and another look at balance over the coming weeks.

Some of the other modifications in the patch comprising of multiple fixes, corrected text, error messages, and a fix that lets you skip the animation when applying skill add-ons. 

Under Guild & Life skill week, the week’s events are scheduled for progression and bonuses. Dongaek’s Primatic Tickets let you get ticket entries into a prize draw, with some assured rewards available too. Liana’s Lost Luggage will let you get your hand on supplements with TRI (III) Manos equivalent stats. Maegu also gets persisted events to help you level her up as well. 

For more, head to Black Desert Online.

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