Black Desert Online Introduces The Hashashin Class On Consoles This July 22

Black Desert Online Introduces The Hashashin Class On Consoles This July 22.

Last month’s Heidel Ball Digital Event, Pearl Abyss revealed the latest class to join the Black Desert Online lineup, the Hashashin.

Today, the studio revealed when they’d be Publishing the brand-new course. The Hashashin will undoubtedly be on PlayStation 4 and also Xbox One as a timed console-exclusive on July 22.

“Hashashin is Aal’s warrior, who can manipulate sandstorms with the power of the native Valencian god. He engages in melee combat with the Shamshir as his main weapon, and also wields the sandstorms to quickly escape from danger or suppress his opponents. Hashashin has minor passives suitable for the desert. He can travel slightly faster in the desert and has a mildly higher resistance to desert diseases compared to other classes. Once Awakened, his faith in Aal will grow stronger, allowing him to receive the hidden power of the god.”

Pearl Abyss also confirmed that the Hashashin would be published around the world on consoles first before it strikes the PC variation. The studio has yet to reveal a PC release date for the new course, yet the pre-creation event is now live on both platforms if you’re interested in earning a few in-game Rewards such as inventory growth coupons, and other goodies.

Watch the New Hashashin at the trailer below.

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