Black Desert Online Halloween 2020 Begins Guardian Class Is Coming Soon On The Console Version

Black Desert Online Halloween

Black Desert Online Halloween 2020 Begins Guardian Class Is Coming Soon On The Console Version.

MMOBEEP heard that the Black Dessert is once more getting a bunch of updates, this time for both the PC and console version of the game. 

A lot of events have been added to the new update. The Black Desert Online Halloween event continues with some recent thematic boss fights that reward various items from just playing for at least 2hrs plus new event quests.

There’s also an event celebrating the first anniversary of the Great Expedition and its features. 

October 21st will be the confirmed early graduation date on the seasonal servers for those characters that have gotten to that point.

The other update has new features added to the game, including Alustin’s Alchemy Journal to the Adventure Log, a new Nightmarish Kzarka fight, a new outfit to earn, and some unique sea-like chandeliers that can be crafted from sea monster parts.

Lastly, the Guardian class is on her way to the console version, and players can begin pre-creating their Viking-style woman. This update also brings Succession for the Dark Knight Musa, Witch, and Wizard classes, and new Rabam skills for the Hashashin and Shai classes, and a rebuild of the game’s menu with other updates included.

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