Black Desert Nova Skill Changes In The Latest Patch


MMOBEEP found out that the latest patch notes for Black Desert have arrived and include Nova Skill changes.

Nova was the latest class to be brought into the game this last month and recently received Awakening and Succession skills. In this newest patch, her primary weapon skills, Succession, and Awakening received several adjustments and fixes.

For example, her primary weapon saw the following:

  • Storming Star – Fixed the problem with the last hit initiating a skill regardless of enemy direction despite holding the Combat Assistance system turned on.
  • Fixed the issue of Morning Star residing in Nova’s hands when using Z, X, C, V command keys many times while mounted.
  • Fixed the issue of Morning Star being shown when engaging immediately after Rage Absorption.
  • Fixed Morning Star’s issue being displayed while opening a treasure chest when equipped with the primary weapon.

The patch also touches on various events, new content, the Season Server, tweaks to the game world, mounts, classes, objects, monsters, UI, and other stuff besides the Nova skill changes. You may also read the full patch notes here.

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