Black Desert Mobile Added Musa And Maehwa, Two New Awesome Classes

Black Desert Mobile Added Musa And Maehwa, Two New Awesome Classes

Black Desert Mobile Added Musa And Maehwa, Two New Awesome Classes.

MMOBEEP found out that Black Desert Mobile has gotten two new classes to their game. The new types are called Musa and Maehwa. The announcement comes with a release trailer for each class and some info on what each class can do.

The Musa utilizes fast sword and bow attacks that can do some hefty damage, while the Maehwa is a versatile attacker who can use ice powers to defeat her foes.

A small summary from Pearl Abyss for each class is down below for those who are curious:


  • A fearless Korean swordsman who uses a blade and horn bow, doing deadly agile combos and explosive dash attacks to defeat fast the enemies
  • It can Swing his blade upward to kick enemies into the air. He uses a powerful thrust attack to deal massive damage.
  • Musa, once Awakened, can use the crescent blade, the master swordsman weapon of choice.


  • Maehwa can also use a blade and bow to deliver graceful attack combos that switch from ranged attacks to close melee combat, making her a versatile fighter.
  • After charging her sword, she can slice through her enemies, knocks them down, and momentarily slows them with an icy attack. 
  • Maehwa, once Awakened, can use the kerispear

If you’re new to Black Desert Mobile, then probably don’t know that every new class is celebrated with brand new rewards and unique bonuses. If you ever get to level 60 with either of these new classes, you will Get rare advanced black stones, a Liverto main weapon box, and a bunch more rewards.  

Black Desert Mobile’s lastest class was The Tamer last month, and it also included a brand new Location and world boss a few weeks ago.

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