Black Desert Atoraxxion Co-Op Dungeon Is Launching Later This Summer


Black Desert Atoraxxion Co-Op Dungeon Is Launching Later This Summer.

MMOBEEP found out that Atoraxxion, the first-ever co-op dungeon for Pearl Abyss’ Black Desert, is arriving sometime this summer, the company stated. While no confirmed release date was announced just yet, the devs stated it would be arriving soon for both PC and console this summer.

Black Desert Atoraxxion will be arriving in four phases, with each phase building up the difficulty over the last phase. The first phase, Vahmalkea, will be out soon.

From the press release:

“Atoraxxion is divided into four parts and planned for release in the following order: desert, ocean, canyon, and forest: The dungeon’s difficulty will increase with each release and will differ slightly for each player’s server or platform. Players on the fast-growth Elvia Realm servers will face a more significant challenge, while players on all other servers will have a standard difficulty. Console players will also receive the average difficulty level. “

Black Desert Online players will have to group up to resolve the puzzles of Atoraxxion and fight against enemies and obstructions located in the dungeon. Atoraxxion itself was created by “Sage of the Past” Rux Maha Dehkla to repel the Black Spirit. A weapon factory, Atoraxxion, is intended to experiment with the weapons in various environments.

The team just recently published a dev commentary video on the forthcoming dungeon, unveiling a tad bit of the features and last month. Yesterday the team launched a brand new trailer to glimpse some of the knowledge around the first phase. You can take a look at the trailer below.

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