ATLAS Will Be Receiving A New World Map On July

MMOBEEP found out that Atlas will be receiving a new world map in July for both PC and Xbox One.

The world map has been redesigned to “increase the fun” for higher levels while making the seas a bit safer for people at lower levels. While we don’t have an exact date, the team says to anticipate the map at some time in July on both PC and also Xbox One.

Besides, the dev team announced that they would have to begin concentrating on PvP while seeking to separate PvE right into “another thing.” Therefore, NA PvE will be taken offline, which will make the EU PvE the official PvE server for the interim. Regarding when this will undoubtedly happen, no days were specified.

The team also said that they have additional plans for trade winds, farms, warehouses, and a lot more. We’re unsure what the goals are yet until details are shared out.

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