Atlas Will Be Wiping Servers Before its Brand-New Season As Well As Bring Back larger PvP Maps and an Xbox-Only Server


Atlas Will Be Wiping Servers Before its Brand-New Season As Well As Bring Back larger PvP Maps and an Xbox-Only Server.

MMOBEEP discovered that Atlas is readying for the release of a brand-new season. This means a server wipe will happen before Season 12, and there are some modifications to expect.

March 15th will be the subsequent wipe, so if you have any unfinished business, now’s the time to handle that. Modifications from last time will be included in the coming season, like the Xbox-only server. In General, the official server will return to the larger layout format for PvP. 

The PvE server will remain the exact 6×6 size, but there will be a reintroduction of the many claim types that were restrained before in the more smallish official servers experiment. Ultimately, the Xbox-only server will be the third official server open, with its 3v3 size to sustain the console community better.

The PvP server will also have a 9v9 layout size comprising all claim types. This indicates claimable islands, claimable lawless, and unclaimable lawless. The PvE server also opens back all of those claim varieties. PvP and PvP servers will have all quest content as well as just one open world, with no regions or portals.

For Xbox, this will stay the most miniature option, but given this official server will all be people on the exact platform, the Grapeshot Games team determined this was suitable for the Xbox community at this time. There are some contrasts just for the console PvP server:

[Console][PvP] Emerald Shores

  •     Xbox players only (no PC)
  •     3×3 map size 
  •     Quest content (Power Stones etc.) will not be available
  •     One open world (no regions or portals)
  •     Claimable islands and unclaimable lawless only (no claimable lawless)

With the game being in Early Access and under active development, this determines will work for Season 13. But, as we can see, occasionally, it takes a while to calculate how well other features work–or don’t–and could use a change.

Go to Atlas for the full announcement.

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