Atlas Launched A New World Map The Maelstrom. 

Atlas Launched A New World Map The Maelstrom. 

MMOBEEP has heard that the new world map Maelstrom is here.  Last Friday, The Maelstrom update showed up to the piratical sandbox, in addition to some fresh patch notes.

This update has included a brand new world map to Atlas that features a centralized Golden Age island for a brighter path for completing the compass, centralized high-density servers to lower the range between dispute locations. Also, the removal of the majority of unique discoveries to ease the work of reaching the level cap.

There are some modifications as part of the economic balance for this update: Army of Dead on Golden Age Islands gold has been decreased by 62%. Island Claim costs are reduced by around 75%, and also NPC crew maintenance costs have dropped by half on the sea as well as 84% on land.

The update has some other adjustments as well as a checklist of removed islands for those who run their very own custom-made servers, so it’s worth having a peek of the updates.

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