Ashes Of Creation Update Including Pre-Alpha Video Footage Of The Event And A Dungeon Fly

Ashes Of Creation Update Including Pre-Alpha Video Footage Of The Event And  A Dungeon Fly. 

MMOBEEP found out that on July 31, 2020, was Ashes of Production live stream that provided an update on the development of the game, including some pre-alpha video footage of the event, in addition to a dungeon fly through.

The team is currently growing as well as has it been lately noted an opening for 24 positions. Note that 7 of these positions have been filled up. On the layout, the group is currently concentrated on populating the world. The bright side is the team is nearing the end of this development.

Visual effects have seen some adjustments too. The group discussed several abilities like Prismatic Beam and also a skill showing off the video game’s volumetric illumination effects. Some pre-alpha footage of the event was shown off. Note that event is one of three primary artisan tree branches. They showed single gatherable resources, a resource vein, and a movable type of activity similar to a herd of animals.

A dungeon flies through was also displayed. They went over marking mobs, which essentially boils down to whoever is doing the most DPS in addition to who tags first. The XP will then be split among both teams. Yet this XP will be based upon how much damage was done by each player.

There was also a Q&A for the community. You can also watch the stream down below as well as read the transcript of the proceedings here.

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