Ashes Of Creation Sneak Peek Shows Interesting Pre Alpha Combat Footage


Ashes Of Creation Sneak Peek Shows Pre Alpha Combat Footage. 

MMOBEEP found out that Ashes of Creation has an announcement about the current PvP title. The latest Livestream from the devs shows a Ashes Of Creation sneak peek at some pre-alpha PVP combat footage featuring two teams of devs and game testers attacking or defending a Convoy. It also includes Steven Sharif getting destroyed by the first alpha strike and using dev mode to take revenge.

The devs note that, while the spell effects are too flashy and distracting in massive fights, they are just in testing for now and will be tuned for less visual clutter as development continues. Also, there will be a colorblind supporter for the UI elements as well. 

The devs talked about attacking NPC-generated caravans that travel from castles to their assigned nodes. They also discussed how they would balance PvP on a macro scale, considering how larger groups operate instead of individuals. This means that, by the devs’ own words, individual classes will destroy other classes in one on one combat, but this leaves the dev team to balance party compositions since most PvP will be teams.

The stream then shows a sneak peek of some character art and discusses how node spawning has changed into something more different with more layout variety than usual. You can also get a summary of the stream in text format at Ashes Post.

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