Ashes of Creation Shows off the Tank Archetype for Alpha Two in Newest Devlog

Ashes of Creation

Ashes of Creation Shows off the Tank Archetype for Alpha Two in Newest Devlog.

MMOBEEP found out that AoC Creative Director Steven Sharif has recently posted an extensive video of more than 45 minutes of gameplay this past week. Sharif also appeared after the live video to respond to some questions on the Ashes of Creation Reddit.

With it being six years since Ashes of Creation reached its Kickstarter campaign goal. The game has been advancing from pre-alpha to the upcoming Alpha 2 test slated for the latter of this year. However, until the Test, the team at Intrepid Studios will be showing off more of where the game is currently at. In the newest video, the team put together more than 45 minutes of gameplay, which contained all the updates and nuances of the Tank archetype, as well as some modifications made to loot, the UI, and the enemies players expect to face in Alpha 2.

While the Tank archetype is mostly well received, Sharif’s showcase of the class didn’t go over entirely well with everyone. Redditors nitpicked about the absence of threat mechanics, audio quality, and VFX, which topped in Sharif himself re-recording the video to show off a better flow of combat and the threat skills, which weren’t utilized initially with any frequency.

“In the original recording I was trying to slowly use each skill in separate engagements, to progress into the full swing by the end of it while emulating the discovery experience of a player for new viewers. Based on this feedback and other feedback I’ve decided to take a more definitive developer’s approach to the demonstrations, so let me know if this new recording is the preferred style for the future.”

-Steven Sharif, Creative Director, Ashes of Creation, Reddit

Intrepid Studios hasn’t chosen a specific Alpha 2 release date, but some suspect that testing may occur by the Summer of 2023. The team still asks that gamers tune in to the monthly streams and provide feedback on the official forums to help form development for future tests.

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