Ashes Of Creation Mage Showcased In Their Latest Alpha One Preview Blog


Ashes Of Creation Mage Showcased In Their Latest Alpha One Preview Blog.

MMOBEEP found out that Intrepid Studios has recently posted another Ashes of Creation Alpha One preview blog that features the Mage Archetype.

As you might suspect, the Ashes Of Creation Mage is a magic-based user that can dispense massive amounts of destruction using both AoE, DoT, and single target abilities, which may drive you to victory in a battle.

“As Verra brims with high magic, no party would be complete without a Mage. These masters of the arcane bring terrible elements to bear in devastating spells. If reality needs changing in some fashion, ask a Mage to help.
Mages tend to have the most direct relationship with essence than others, and they manage that bond with a singular will. Passive essence is converted into useful forms and patterns under their direction, which can then take the shape of nearly anything imaginable! Mages can bend space, summon light, or set the very air ablaze – applying force in all its rawness, or in any shade of their elemental fury.”

It can also drain health from enemies to regenerate their mana and use Blink’s ability to evade danger or travel long distances in a small amount of time. Watch the Mage in action in the video listed below also., Remember that this is just the Alpha version of the Mage and that the Mage may still change as Ashes of Creation gets closer to full release.

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