Ashes of Creation Livestream reveals new areas, new outfits, and passive skills


Ashes of Creation Livestream reveals new areas, new outfits, and passive skills.

MMOBEEP found out that the team at Intrepid Studios has put together another Ashes of Creation Livestream filled with previews, updates, and other pieces of content for fans of the game. Firstly, the stream shows a roughly eight-minute-long gameplay video from a ruined mage’s keep, starring a look at various new outfits, another look at the game’s combat system, and a small glimpse at the brand new passive skills system.

One of the other more significant parts of the stream was a flyover video of a tropical oasis region, which creative director Steven Sharif wrote would be a prime location for AOC’s developing fishing system, which was promptly described as needing players to think about what environments hold particular fish and a minigame to catch said fish. Finally, another series of concept art and created art showcased, with outfits, furnishings, and barricades, among other things.

Finally, the stream concluded with some Q&A, where the devs discussed the augment system and how it allows players to augment primary archetype skills based on secondary archetypes or in-game organizations, refined on how the bounty hunter system works with many bounty hunters, talked momentarily about how monster resistances work and explained how the devs wouldn’t significantly try to overbalance sieges, converging on how siege buffs and siege machinery works and less on micromanaging individual groups’ gear, coordination, or size. Alternatively, more tournament-style PvP like arenas and GvG will be more character balance-focused.

The full video is embedded down below. You might want to skip ahead to the 1:39:50 mark when the stream actually starts.

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