Ashes of Creation Development Update For August Released


Ashes of Creation Development Update For August Released.

MMOBEEP wants to let you know that if you’re an Ashes of Creation fan waiting for more updates on Ashes of Creation, then you are in luck. An hour and a half long update from Community marketing Lead Margaret Krohn and Creative Director Steven Sharif has given us fans so much data encompassing the development made during August and what we can anticipate.

The video is broken down into many pieces: a Studio Update, a Character Art Update, a Design, and Engineering Update, an Environment Art update. Finally, they finish up the video with a Q&A.

According to Sharif, the bulk of the Ashes of Creation development team has returned to the studio. In addition to staff returning to the studio, Intrepid has expanded the capacity of its staff by around seven employees. The rise in staff indicates that Intrepid intends to maintain development following their triumphant Alpha 1 test in July, which ended earlier this month.

The video unveils various screenshots and in-game footage that you’ll have to watch the live stream to see, and it ended with the team answering questions posted by the community on their official forums.

 While not everything was answered, the original forum post contributed many answers to many questions posted over the prior week. Sadly, one particular, frequent question regarding the following Alpha phase couldn’t be answered specifically. Still, they could verify that plans have not adjusted for Alpha 2 Persistence, which indicates that the servers, once live, will be staying open till launch.

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