Ashes Of Creation Developer Found a Partnership with My.Games

Ashes Of Creation Developer Found a Partnership with My.Games. 

MMOBEEP found in a blog post relating to Ashes of Creation that Intrepid Studios Founder, as well as Creative Director Steven Sharif, were discussing the reason for the move. Stating that the collaboration was first entered to provide the “ideal customer and operational support for our European Players.”

The logistics and operational components surrounding EU/CIS publishing is complex and a significant responsibility. At the time, it made the most sense to partner with an established publisher for these regions. As we have grown as a company and have expanded our capabilities it made sense to reevaluate our strategies and ultimately expand the responsibilities of Intrepid Studios to become a global publisher, leading that initiative with bringing excellent service for our playerbase and community management that focuses on respecting our fans.

Steven goes on to say that they have found a good deal from their partnership with MY.GAMES, though the teams have decided to “mutually part ways.” Intrepid Studios is opening European offices in Amsterdam to fill the job of publishing in the EU/CIS regions.

For the people who currently have an MY.GAMES account and are asking themselves how they will be affected by this in the future. The group noted a Frequently Asked Question on the Ashes of Creation article to help those particular people, besides, to help their support group to aid any player questions.

While the transition is currently underway, Scharif also gives even more info on the migration process in the “in coming weeks.” Lately, the team also took a small preview at some of its crafted natural leather shields and took a look at the Community’s ideas on breadcrumbs, along with some job listings for their San Diego office.

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