Ashes of Creation Alpha One Package Available On May 5, New Raid Boss Shown In New Video


Ashes of Creation Alpha One Package Available On May 5, New Raid Boss Shown In New Video.

MMOBEEP found out that the players wishing to play Ashes of Creation will be capable of buying their way into the upcoming alpha one test on Wednesday, May 5th, according to the April developer Livestream.

Still, it’s going to cost you $500, which is a lot. The Ashes of Creation Alpha One bundle will consist of alpha one access and access to upcoming alpha and beta phases, a year of subscription, a bunch of cosmetics, shop currency, and a name reservation opening.

“Do not purchase this package if you’re looking to play a game,” warned Steven Sharif in the stream. “You are purchasing alpha one to test it and to give us feedback, and that’s a responsibility we expect you to hold dear.” Community marketing lead Margaret Krohn further chimed in, saying, “Really, it’s for the people who want to back our development path.”

These messages seem to have been taken to heart by AOC’s community, as it seems that some people are eager to buy into the subject they’re talking down complaints.

The stream then unveils a raid boss preview about an Elder Dragon of the Wood that attacks by placing out poison puddles, distributing massive AoEs that players have to jump over, and an accidental encounter with a massive fire dragon.

Raid bosses will appear in the siege level of AOC’s alpha one, where players will want to face these bosses for helpful team buffs. Contesting teams will be informed when a boss is being fought, but the devs did say that the team that hits the killing blow will be given the buff, so players will want to be cautious of enemy teams waiting to get the last hit.

You can look at both the raid boss gameplay footage and the full Livestream listed below.

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