ArcheAge Server Merge With ArcheAge Unchained Starts While A New Fresh Server Will Come Later This Month


ArcheAge Server Merge With ArcheAge Unchained Starts While A New Fresh Server Will Come Later This Month. 

MMOBEEP found out that the ArcheAge and ArcheAge Unchained “Server Evolution” has begun. Server Evolution is XLGame’s particular term, which means they will be joining the servers to balance the EU and NA server populations, commencing with ArcheAge Unchained.

Unchained servers have already been turned off and will stay offline until March 6. when the process is finished, the devs will make the EU and NA servers online at different times to manage queues and decrease waiting times for the newly-merged servers. The ArcheAge servers will follow soon after, on March 11.

The fight for the coveted land zone in the game acknowledged as Land Rush will release on March 13 for ArcheAge Unchained and on March 20 for the initial game. The exact times of the event have yet to be published.

Players who aren’t happy with this ArcheAge Server merge with ArcheAge Unchained will be allowed to start anew in a Fresh Start server online on March 25. European and North American players will each receive a brand new server to populate as they please. As with previous Fresh Starts, Instances and the Auction House will be completely separate from the older servers.

Suppose you’re considering getting into the game. In that case, Gamigo is also permanently proposing a free three-day trial, so you can test out ArcheAge Unchained before you decide to buy it. More information on this can be found on the ArcheAge official site.

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